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Safety and Security

secure account creation

Shelf uses best practices when creating your account and syncing your purchase history. We never access passwords or store them on our servers. Learn more.

industry standard encryption

Shelf uses 128-bit SSL encryption for secure data transfer between your device and our servers, and we encrypts all receipt data on disk on our servers. Learn more.

read only access

Shelf requests read-only access where possible, and never attempt to modify anything in your email accounts. We never have access to your Amazon account. Learn more.

receipts only

When you sync your email receipts to Shelf, we only retrieve your email receipts from your inbox and never access your personal email. Learn more.

privacy and control

Shelf is private by default, and your inventory can only be seen by you. You will always be in control of what you share. Learn more.

hassle-free delete

If you decide Shelf isn't for you, you can delete your Shelf account and all associated data at any time with one click. Learn more.