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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shelf?

Shelf is a place to review your favorite products with friends. You can get a quick inventory of your things, recommend products you love to friends, and discover your friends favorite products.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Shelf is easy. You can start by syncing your Amazon order history, or syncing your email receipts to pull in your purchases from over 50 different online stores.

Am I required to sync my purchases to use Shelf?

No. Syncing your purchases is optional, but recommended. There are a lot of benefits to syncing your purchases, and we've designed it to help you get the most out of Shelf. If you're not comfortable, you can skip this step to try out Shelf and decide if syncing makes sense for you later.

How does it work?

1. Shop online as you normally do.
2. Sync your email receipts or Amazon history to Shelf.
3. Shelf automatically creates your private inventory.

From there, you can explore your private inventory, share and discover your favorite products with friends, or sell stuff you're no longer using.

What emails do you download when I sync my email receipts?

Shelf safely and securely pulls in shopping emails by performing a direct search for receipts from specific stores (e.g.,, etc.). Shelf supports over 50 stores (like Amazon, Nordstrom, Gilt, Macy's, Zappos, and many more). Shelf only pulls in shopping emails (order confirmations, product reviews, returns and order cancellations). Shelf never accesses your personal email or any other data that is not directly related to shopping emails from our supported retailers.

Which stores do you search for receipts from?

Shelf currently supports over 50 stores:

Amazon - Anthropologie - Apple - Banana Republic - Bed Bath and Beyond - B&H - Bloomingdale's - Bonobos
Brookstone - - Crate & Barrel - Costco - Fab - Foot Locker - Forever 21 - Eastbay - Ebags - Etsy
Gamestop - Gilt - Google Express - Home Depot - HP - J. Crew - J&R - Karmaloop - Kohl's - Levi's - Macy's
My Habit - Neiman Marcus - Net-a-porter - Newegg - Nike - Nordstrom - Office Depot - Office Max - Overstock
Patagonia - Ralph Lauren - REI - Staples - Sears - - Target - Threadless - Tiffany & Co.
Touch of Modern - Urban Outfitters - Victoria's Secret - Walmart - Warby Parker - Wayfair - West Elm
Williams-Sonoma - Verizon Wireless - Zappos.

Have a store that you want us to add? Please send us an email at

Who can see my products when I sync my Amazon history or email receipts?

The products you sync from your email receipts or Amazon history go into your private inventory, and are never shared without your permission. Your inventory is private and controlled by you. You can create shelves to share your favorite products with your friends (they'll love you for it), but there's no pressure. You will always be in control of what you share and who you share it with on Shelf.

What is the "Share my interests with friends and followers" setting?

This setting is used to help your friends and followers recommend products that match your interests. For example, Shelf may send a "Network Update" email where we ask your friend to share their favorite kitchen item with you (because you are interested in kitchen products).

How does my Shelf profile work?

Your inventory is private, but you can choose to share specific products on your profile and with your followers by creating shelves. Shelves are custom collections of your products that you create and share. Your shelves are shown on your profile and shared with your followers.

How do recommendations work?

When you give products a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", they are automatically added to your "Recommended" or "Not Recommended" Shelf. Your shelves are shown on your profile and shared with your followers. If you click "skip" on a product, it won't be shared with anyone unless you rate it later or add it to a shelf.

Is there a way to allow only people I approve to view my profile?

Absolutely. In your profile settings, turn on the "private profile" setting. This will allow you to control who gets to follow you. When the "private profile" setting is on, your shelves will only be shared with followers you approve.

What is the search privacy setting?

Search engines (like Google) may display your profile and shelves in their search results. If you'd rather not appear in search engine results, you can turn on Search Privacy:

1) From your profile, click the 'edit profile' button
2) Change the Search Privacy toggle from Off to On

When you turn on Search Privacy, a tag is added to your profile to let search engines know to exclude your profile and shelves from search results. This process can take months to complete. However, because we've added those tags to your profile, you can get in touch with Google and ask them to take it down immediately. To do that, find the links that are showing up in search and submit them for removal at Google's removal site.

How do I add products to my inventory?

There are 4 ways to add products to your inventory:

1) Sync your email receipts
2) Sync your Amazon order history
3) Add a product from a website
4) Add a product by name

We plan to add other convenient ways to add products to your inventory in the future. If there is a specific way you'd like to add products to your inventory, please let us know at

How does Shelf keep my data safe?

We go through great lengths to protect your data, and we use the same security that top financial institutions do when accessing your data. We make sure that your sensitive information is always encrypted. Additionally, Shelf never stores your personal account credentials or passwords.

How does selling work on Shelf?

Shelf has direct connections to popular marketplaces like Amazon to save you time when selling your things. You can instantly post anything in your inventory for sale on these marketplaces.

How can I share a suggestion or leave feedback?

We'd love to hear about how we can improve your experience, and we take each suggestion seriously. Please send us an email at

How do I join the team?

We love working with people who make us and the things they touch better. If you're smart, friendly, and love to get things done, please see our current openings and tell us more about yourself.

How do I delete my account?

Sign in to your account, click on the dropdown menu in the top right of the navigation bar, and then click on Settings. Then click on the 'Delete Account' link.

I have a question not answered here!

Please email us at, and we'll help you out.